Airport Services

Lost & Found

Eagle County Regional Airport has a Lost & Found service. Lost items that are found inside the terminal building are taken to the EGE airport administration center, which is located west of the Main Terminal. Passengers who have lost items in the airport can fill the application form, and if the item has been found, the lost and found service will notify them to arrange pickup or shipment of the item.

For the items or luggage lost on the board, travelers can connect to their Airlines.

Special assistance

Eagle County Regional Airport provides Special Assistance for people with special needs. If someone needs specialized help during their time in the Terminal, please call at 970-328-2680. Operating hours Monday-Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Other amenities provided at Eagle County Regional Airport include Food, beverage, and retail shops, Lounges, bars. ATMs, free WIFI access throughout the Terminal.